Shared Experience, Nottingham Playhouse and Hampstead Theatre present the Shared Experience/National Theatre production of War & Peace Adapted by Helen Edmundson from the novel by Tolstoy directed by Nancy Meckler and Polly Teale


Originally staged at the National Theatre, this critically acclaimed production breathes vivid life into Tolstoy's characters in a saga of love, youth, marriage and death.

Based on one of the greatest novels of all time, this stage-version beautifully explores human relationships across the generations against a backdrop of war.

Staged in 2 parts, WAR AND PEACE is so much more than a night at the theatre. It is an unmissable theatrical event.

If you have read the book, you will be staggered at the sheer skill displayed in translating the great work for the stage. And if the novel is on your 'must-read' list, save yourself the time and see it live on stage instead...

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2008 Tour Details

Darlington Civic
28 Feb - 2 Mar

Bath Theatre Royal
5 - 9 Mar

Warwick Arts Centre
13 - 16 Mar

Oxford Playhouse
27 - 30 Mar

Truro Hall for Cornwall
3 - 6 Apr

Hampstead Theatre
10 Apr - 11 May

Cheltenham Everyman
15 - 18 May